Complaints is the fourth full-length Gravel Samwidge LP and the second to be released on Brisbane’s Swashbuckling Hobo Records. It follows on from 2013’s critically acclaimed Medicinal Requirements.

Gravel Sandwidge have carved out a distinct niche in the Australian rock landscape, always purposefully on the outside of but making the kind of noise that makes the right people pay attention. 

Described as anything from Gutter Rock, Sleaze Rock, Outsider Rock, Punk, Post Punk, Experimental, Progressive and Downer Rock Gravel Samwidge have been active in one way or another since 1989. In their long lifetime have shared the stage with peers and legends including Lubricated Goat, Tex Perkins, Venom P Stinger, The Beasts, Adalita, Feedtime and Mudhoney. 

The new LP, recorded by Dr Rock at Swashbo HQ Is being launched at a real actual live gig in Brisbane at The Bearded Lady on Saturday the 6th of March.

Head over to the Swashbuckling Hobo Bandcamp to score your LP copy today!

DIAMONDS by Halfheads


If when you were young, your hair started to go grey and this amused you as you imagined you would someday soon look like a combination of Andrew Gaze and Reed Richards but then it did not stop, and soon your hair was pure white like you had seen a very terrible ghost and then finally it just fell out and you were left a haunted shell of yourself with nothing, wondering how you were going to dig yourself out of this hole, then new Halfheads single Diamonds might just be your feel good hit of the end times.

The 3rd digi-single by HALFHEADS, now compiled as the Finnish Singles for your listening pleasure, out now on Swashbuckling Hobo Records.

Streaming on Bandcamp, Spotify, Apple, YouTube and other services!


Suicide Country Hour Dark Town Cover (web)

Following on from 2017’s sold out self-titled LP, Dark Town is the much anticipated second release from Brisbane alt-country outfit, Suicide Country Hour.

The new album expands on the introspective feeling of their first release with a darker, more heartbroken collection of songs which speak to the bitterness and sadness in us all.

It’s the epitome of ‘hangover music’ and most importantly…no drummers, no dramas.

Dark Town was launched online on 17/06/2020 during the covid-19 lockdown at Airlock Studios as part of their Up In The Airlock series of streaming events, hosted by Powderfinger’s Ian Haug. Watch the broadcast here.

Pickup a copy of this fine 12″ release via our online shoppe.

Suicide Country Hour play the Triffid in Brisbane as part of the Cabin Fever Festival, on Sunday July 12. Entry is free, more information available here.


Halfheads – Bird Food single

Second digital single release by HALFHEADS.
BIRD FOOD. “Recorded 2019 at Hobo HQ. Written in a Richmond dive 10 years earlier. Left to pickle for the decade. Me too. Nice Flamin’ Groovies guitar work Shadow Kid.”


When you’re in the room, I feel uncomfortable.
Standing next to you, I feel uncomfortable.
Diver dressed in blue,
oh what’s a boy to do;
Fish Food falls through the roof…So much more to me and you than you and me,
got shores that slope into the sea,
dark oceans fold on them at night,
and Cuttlefish die in the bright white light.
Their bones make good Bird Food.

Available via BANDCAMP and streaming on Spotify | YouTube and other streaming sites!

MANARAYS – Manarays 12″


Self-titled album by Manarays now available on limited 12″ press.

Manarays are a refreshingly high energy mutant blues/rock outfit.
They’re passionate about their punk rock roots, incubated in the intimacy of Brisbane’s late 70’s and early 80’s punk scene. Formed by guitarist and songwriter Adrian ‘Killer guitar’ Carroll and drummer Micky Scott,  cut their teeth in seminal Sydney punk band, Splatterheads.

Manarays are highly entertaining, delivering catchy hooks and the occasional blazing guitar solo, for fans of Aussie 70/80s pub rock’n’roll pick up a copy today!

Halfheads – Hangin’ Around single


Digi-single release by estranged group Halfheads (members Weak Boys, Fancy Boys, Trophy Wives, Eyes Ninety, many others), whom last played a live show in 2010 when they released a demo tape (it’s on soundcloud) then smokebombed outta here. We had the band Voltron into Hobo HQ last year where they put down a buncha new and buncha old stuff and here is the first taste HANGIN’ AROUND with artwork by Ballarat’s finest Ben Mangan (Lymes, Z-Rays).

Listen to here:   BANDCAMP  |  SPOTIFY  |  YOUTUBE  |  or Check your streaming service.

The Chordites – Taking A Ride 12″

Chordites 1400

The Chordites take on garage, power pop and punk guitar rock and roll ends up sounding like all of their influences stretched out across their LP Taking A Ride. Big Star, The Replacements, Flamin’ Groovies, Mudhoney, and Teenage Fanclub are just a few of the touchstones and references that are proudly on display here.

The tracks on Taking A Ride range from the classic power pop/punk of Better Things, Cindy Lee, Never Again & Sociopath; the full tilt garage rock n roll of Prime Evil & Liar and the rocker Touched By The Hand that harks back to late 80s Seattle. To cap off each side on the vinyl version you have the southern dream pop of Stars Align and the shoe gaze of Unfunny Joke which has an outro reminiscent of the best 60s psychedelia. The album also contains an all-out rocking cover version of the Gloria Jones tune Tainted Love.

The Chordites have been playing together for about 3 years in the usual dive bar gigs in Brisbane. They are comprised of ex-members of luminaries Daisygrinders, Subsonic Barflies and Death of a Nun.

LP Now Available through bandcamp

Party Of Shine – 12″ out now!


Party of Shine is the debut album from Jeff Johnson (ex-Jason and the Scorchers) with  rock n’roll luminaries from the Nashville and L.A. rock scenes, following up on Jeff Johnson’s previous solo 7” release through Swashbuckling Hobo Records (Jeff Johnson Does Not Work Well With Others – SH027).

Jeff Johnson knows what he’s talking about when it comes to rock & roll, not only as music but also the attitude that defined a generation. “Rock & Roll sort of grew up,” he muses, “it changed some of its naive views, but it’s still the same attitude and edginess. To me there’s not much difference between “Straight Outta Compton” and “Never Mind the Bollocks.” It all reflects going against the grain with an energy and spirit that is still alive but has taken on different forms. It can’t be confined to Keith Richards trousers or Jerry Lees hair.”

Their self-titled debut LP is a roaring platter made by deep-down musicians who love rock and roll and have done this long enough to know what to play and what to leave out. Maharishi Jones is a massive slab of guitar growl that portends what might happen had AC/DC and Crazy Horse ever formed a band together. What You Wanted introduces an acoustic guitar in the mix but it’s more like the MC5’s and the Stooge’s acoustic tunes rather than Hotel California.

This is a blistering slab of abrasive rock n’ roll.


WHY? Ich Bin Ein Esel LP out now!

ich bin ein esel

The complete ICH BIN EIN ESEL recordings are now available for the first time on 12″ vinyl! Join Mad Macka, Dr Rock and Muchos Larmos on a R’N’R journey which penned hits such as Man Punch Shark, Unravelling In Time, Holy Grail, Big Picture Man and more! Limited run vinyl (prev released a 7″ taster and CD courtesy of Pitshark Records, France) secure your copy of WHY? today via the Hobo bandcamp!