Ich Bin Ein Esel

ich bin ein esel

Ich Bin Ein Esel featuring Larmos, Macka & Dr. Rock !

Get their debut 7″ EP now through the Swashbo Pie Eating Contest page !! features the soon to be degenerate classic Man Punches Shark ! four songs of anthemic rock n roll.


… is a trio that plays fearsome, high octane guitar rawk. There are equal doses of it on both sides and if it’s your thing (as it should be) you’ll be hard pressed to favour the A over the B side or vice versa. Dr Rock drives his guitar like a plough right through “Holy Grail” while the battering ram “Big Picture Man” gets along with a refreshing looseness without ever losing its way.
On the B side, Man Punches Shark” is as close to an anthem as you’ll hear this week (“Fuck shit up!”) “Hate, Fear and Conquest” is a song title borrowed from a prog metal band but sounds like a de-tuned muscle car being stripped barb by a bunch of thugs in the carpark of the local 7-11. No notes were wasted in the recording of this EP. Esel Uber Alles!
4.5 / 5 Martinis
— via i94BAR

this is probably my favorite 7″ ever” – Xavier


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