Chinese Burns

chinese burns

Swashbuckling Hobo release # 06 was the Chinese Burns ‘Not My Girl’ 7″.
Featuring live regular Goose Step plus two newies, the titular Not My Girl and b-side wanderer In My Jungle. This is a solid 3-track Aussie garage-punk 7″ single.

Not My Girl 7″ can be ordered through the Swashbuckling Hobo ordering page.


This Australian trio are originally from Melbourne but they’re now from somewhere in Queensland (or so they say). They play fast, downstroked, melodic garage punk that sounds like they’re trying to outrun a hive of angry bees. Sort of scummy and rather pleasant.
— via The Wire (UK)

Not My Girl” shakes like “96 Tears” free-falling out of a 30th-floor building. It takes just as long to hit the bottom. I like it best of the three tunes on this 45…” — via i94BAR

“.. the B-Sides on this particular 7” reveal two sides of the band: Goose Step is fast punk, relentless in speed and aggression, while In My Jungle sees the band slow things way down.  It’s a slow dirge that revels in its disgustingness, and it’s brutal for completely different reasons than Goose Step – it’s like a dark cloud that you don’t ever want to clear up. Probably their best track yet”
— via The Music Magazine (AUS)

A fairly recent interview with Lucky Ben & Xavier from It’s Psychedelic Baby Magazine

Chinese Burns are Lucky Ben, X, Brad Hymie.

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