Stink Bugs


The Stinkbugs are a three piece band based in Brisbane Australia featuring members from the Hekawis, Shutdown 66,the Jennys and Leftwaffe. The Mantis (guitar), Cactoblastis (drums) and Tigerbug (bass and vocals) play original garage pychedelic rocknroll music drenched in homemade fuzz and borrowed effects pedals. Fuelled on b movies, science fiction, comic books and Japanese giant monsters and weaned on 1960s and 70s punk, psychedelic and vintage homemade band recordings, the Stinkbugs formed in 2006 to make their own homemade recording resulting in the debut self titled LP released in 2007. Now with a full length, a single and unreleased studio recordings under their belt, the rather unproductive Stinkbugs have unleashed a new offering upon the universe in the form of a new single on the diabolical Swashbuckling Hobo Records. Supernatural/Mountain has been described as “a blazing garage freakout”, “degenerate psychedelic” and “disgusting in the best possible way” with some saying this is the ‘bugs finest moment yet…

Smell for the Stinkbugs to stink out a venue near you and sniff out the new supernatural/ Mountain 45 out now on Swashbuckling Hobo Records!!!

STINK BUGS ‘The Mountain’ R E V I E W S

“.. A plaintive vocal spars with fuzz-bombing guitar and fluid bass runs on the A side. The flip is another killer with pick-axe guitar chipping away at a dissonant wall of sound. Plenty of psyched-out noise that sounds great at stun volume. For a reference point, check out Telstar Sound Drone from Denmark (only Stink Bugs are a little more rocking.) One question only remains: Where’s the album?” 5 / 5 Martinis
— via i94BAR

“.. these dudes have been playing unheralded garage rock in Brisbane since long before the modern garage buzz bands learnt how to play Metallica riffs in their bedrooms. The sound is disgusting in the best possible way, with everything swathed in reverb and distortion. Supernatural has a tremolo guitar buzzing away with a random pattern of disorientating notes and the lyrics are pure psychedelic dreaminess and a reminder of the awesomeness of drugs.
— via The Music Magazine (AUS)