The Wrong Man – Vindictimised
taken from upcoming 7″

Gravel Samwidge – Rock God (SH010)
Taken from Medicinal Requirements LP out Dec 2013!

Stink Bugs – The Mountain (SH009)
Taken from supernatural / the mountain 7″ out October 2013!

The Dangermen – Executive (SH008)
Taken from Everybody / Executive 7″ out October 2013!

Chinese Burns – Not My Girl
taken from Not My Girl 7″ (SH006) out now it’s 2013!

Happy Times – der Stier von Scapa Flow
taken from Gross Registrable Tonnage 7″ (SH005) out March 2013!

Boondall Boys – King Wally
taken from Hard Rubbish LP (SH003)

Feelin’ Lucky – (You’re A) Jerk
taken from Feelin’ Lucky LP (SH002)

The Dangermen – You Are Defeated
taken from You Are Defeated 7″ (SH001)


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