Party Of Shine – 12″ out now!


Party of Shine is the debut album from Jeff Johnson (ex-Jason and the Scorchers) with  rock n’roll luminaries from the Nashville and L.A. rock scenes, following up on Jeff Johnson’s previous solo 7” release through Swashbuckling Hobo Records (Jeff Johnson Does Not Work Well With Others – SH027).

Jeff Johnson knows what he’s talking about when it comes to rock & roll, not only as music but also the attitude that defined a generation. “Rock & Roll sort of grew up,” he muses, “it changed some of its naive views, but it’s still the same attitude and edginess. To me there’s not much difference between “Straight Outta Compton” and “Never Mind the Bollocks.” It all reflects going against the grain with an energy and spirit that is still alive but has taken on different forms. It can’t be confined to Keith Richards trousers or Jerry Lees hair.”

Their self-titled debut LP is a roaring platter made by deep-down musicians who love rock and roll and have done this long enough to know what to play and what to leave out. Maharishi Jones is a massive slab of guitar growl that portends what might happen had AC/DC and Crazy Horse ever formed a band together. What You Wanted introduces an acoustic guitar in the mix but it’s more like the MC5’s and the Stooge’s acoustic tunes rather than Hotel California.

This is a blistering slab of abrasive rock n’ roll.


WHY? Ich Bin Ein Esel LP out now!

ich bin ein esel

The complete ICH BIN EIN ESEL recordings are now available for the first time on 12″ vinyl! Join Mad Macka, Dr Rock and Muchos Larmos on a R’N’R journey which penned hits such as Man Punch Shark, Unravelling In Time, Holy Grail, Big Picture Man and more! Limited run vinyl (prev released a 7″ taster and CD courtesy of Pitshark Records, France) secure your copy of WHY? today via the Hobo bandcamp!

TICK TOCK garage-punk time with THE BUSYMEN !!


Brisbane’s crudest crew THE BUSYMEN are back with Tick Tock, a 12″ EP of six snarlin’ 60s punkers. Wreakin’ havoc on the harmonica the caped crusader Screamin’ Stevie (The Hekawis, Screamin Stevies Australia, et al.) pops his head up to give these tracks an extra blast. Busymen live fave & unhinged take on ‘In And Out’ also makes an appearance here! For fans of garage-punk done the right way ‘Tick Tock’ is a real good time and out now via Swashbuckling Hobo Records online shoppe.

1 – Tick Tock
2 – Dangerous
3 – In And Out
4 – Stop Starting Me Baby
5 – Look Out
6 – Don’t Need Your Lovin’ / Milk Cow Blues


The Stinkbugs presents Elysian Fields


We are proud to present the third full length long player from Australia’s most noxious under achievers, The Stinkbugs. On their latest offering ‘Elysian Fields’, the Bugs explore humanity, the after life, Ancient Rome, rejection, love, hate and even the inner workings of the local “Dragster Club”. From the psych tinged title track “Elysian Fields” and “Sun In My Eyes” to the fuzzy paint stripping psycho raunch of “Just A Colour”, The Stinkbugs are in absolute fine form here with new skinsman Rusty Bug keeping everything up.

Available on vinyl as of today via the Swashbuckling Hobo store.

Check out the video for Just A Colour below

Work It Out (The Nudists)


The Nudists will be launching ‘Nuder Than Nuder Than Nude‘ over two shows at these Brisbane locations in a couple of weeks time:
FRI 3 MAY @ Phase 4 Records – Fortitude Valley
SUN 5 MAY @ Blutes Bar – Sunday R’N’R BBQ (Afternoon show) – Fortitude Valley

Last time this group got together was over 8 years ago at Flavours Of Scuzz festival so don’t miss this rare opportunity!!



MAD MACKA & PANH ANDLER – Seminal Robots 12″


Seminal Robots is the realisation of Mad Macka’s dream to record an album using the same 4 track* that Bruce Springsteen used to record Nebraska (*same model, not exact same unit). Sonically speaking the results are more than serviceable but there’s a lot less yodelling and soapboxing, more skronk and dark humour. Two full band tracks recorded at Hobo HQ head up Sides 1 and 2.


Side A
– dead blues
– j. i. p.
– ronald patrique
-no phone

Side B
– newman blues
– rav four king
– the fish
– poor you