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MAD MACKA ‘Adidas Tracksuit’ REVIEWS

Adidas Tracksuit opens with crudely recorded drums and bass lurching along before a nagging guitar figure kicks in. Mad Macka and a female backing chorus bang on about, you guessed it, the joys of an Adidas tracksuit. At least he keeps his shirt on. This is a song no self-respecting suburban homie should be without.
The B side is as raucous and messy as it needs to be to match the A with a booming vocal over the top of a river of churning guitars. I might be wrong but it sounds like a song about seeing Bored! at a defunct Brisbane venue called Rics. If I’m wrong, Macka can chuck a brown eye in my general direction. The guitar-work works a treat and is a reminder than Mad Macka is no slouch. Is Mad Macka a modern-day Kevin Borich for the gutter rock generation?
— via i94BAR

Not a hip hop record!”
— via Still Single / Doug Mosurock

Get Mad Macka Adidas Tracksuit / Bored @ Rics 7″ now from the Swashbo Cartel

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