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Swashbuckling Hobo Records is an independent Australian record label catering to the budget conscious rock n' roll hobo. The label was hatched in 2007 by Larmos and Dr Rock of the Dangermen.

The Stinkbugs – Infestation 12″


This sums it up well via the excellent Unbelievably Bad mag
Infestation is the effortlessly cool new album by The Stinkbugs, led by James Pierce (The Hekawis, Shutdown 66, etc.) and featuring a few of the regular Swashbucklers using insect-related pseudonyms.  The LP builds on the devil-may-care fuzzy-as-fuck Roky-rock of The Stinkbugs’ previously released self-titled LP and two singles – “Supernatural” and “Walking In The Storm”…

Grab a copy now, limited press via the hobo online bandcamp site.

We’re also having a party to launch this one at the Stones Corner Hotel down near Hobo HQ. It’s happening Saturday 13th May and on the lineup we have The Dangermen! The Busymen! Extra Foxx! and Eyes Ninety!


Here’s the flyer by Cactoblastis.





Dan Melchior Band 7″


The latest offering from Swashbuckling Hobo Records. Dan Melchior – City Lights / The Drunken Galah 7″ . Our first international release!
Recorded whilst on tour in Australia 2016.
Limited edition 200 on blue vinyl! Comes with safety instructions.

Available now via Swashbuckling Hobo online shoppe.

Death Of A Nun 7″

By the mid ’80’s, with the Bjelke-Peterson government in its wretched death throes, playing in a band in Brisbane was an antagonising experience. People were under the hammer and justifiably pissed off. The grass wasn’t green on anyone’s side of the fence. Venues opened up and closed down in the blink of an eye, and the flash of a badge. Ad-hoc gigs were shut down before they even started. Bands simply did not have the wherewithal to release records. Understandably, much bile was spewed forth. Not all of it was flushed away… Swashbuckling Hobo have reached deep beyond the s-bend and managed to scrape off this slice of dank, crusted debris.


30 years later we give you DEATH OF A NUN, two slices of previously unreleased Brisbane punk. Only 150 pressed. GET IT HERE.

Side 1 – Brisbane
Side 2 – It’s Your Fault


Extra Foxx – Goodbye Insanity, Hello Humanity 12″

EF LP cover Final

Extra Foxx – Goodbye Insanity, Hello Humanity LP

We are proud to present to you “GOODBYE INSANITY, HELLO HUMANITY” the brand new full-lengther by Brisbane institution EXTRA FOXX.

Since the late 90’s EXTRA FOXX (led by Sunshine Coast/Brisbane pop genius Conwae Burrell) has been playing around town with an ever evolving band lineup to become one of thee much loved staples of the Brisbane underground music scene.

We at Swashbuckling Hobo are happy to serve up, for the first time ever a 12″ cut of Foxx for your personal turntable!

1. The Beatles Were Right
2. I Love You
3. One in the Morning
4. Fanatic Rail
5. Can You Feel?
6. Do What You Like
7. Caravan Trailer
8. Ten Percent
9. Perfect
10. Hyperspace
11. Big Pineapple
12. Faith

Extra Foxx – The Beatles Were Right

EXTRA FOXX facebook page

GET Goodbye Insanity, Hello Humanity HERE available in 12″ and digital download.

Happy Times – It’s Psychological 12″


IT’S PSYCHOLOGICAL the debut from Brisbane’s HAPPY TIMES has arrived!

It’s Psychological captures the HTs in full flight with songs about usual themes of u-boat adventure and shit food in the key of Turbo Nicko (formerly of The Hymies). This is maximum voltage, lo-fidelity, top fuel punk rock.

1. Conning Tower Party
2. Croatian Drunk
3. Depthcharge Dilemma
4. Craw
5. Hey Biscay
6. Shit Brick Fences Of Brisbane
7. Enigma
8. Kebabylon
9. T.D.C.
10. Main St Pacer
11. Satan Place
12. Seehund
13. Rudeltaktik
14. Elektroboot

Limited to 150 copies ~ hit the Swashbuckling Hobo bandcamp  to order with instant download!!

Happy Times – Shit Brick Fences of Melbourne (alternate to album version)
Happy Times ~ Craw



We’ve just re-issued two seminal albums by Brisbane’s own THE ONYAS.

Get Shitfaced With The Onyas (1997) was released via legendary Melbourne label Au-go-go and Berlin’s Munster Records has long been out of print, whilst Six! (1998, Au-go-go) was previously only released on CD.

Both releases have had the Mikey Young mastering treatment (with Six! remixed for vinyl) and sound as ball-tearing as ever!

Head on over to our online merch stand to make sure you don’t miss out!!

The Onyas will be playing in Brisbane in support of both these albums on June 17.

2016 Releases!

We have been very busy here in Hobo land in recent times and thought we would give you the heads up on a number of releases and shows in the works over the next few months !


Swashbuckling Hobo is pleased to be re-issuing the first two albums from Brisbane’s own THE ONYAS. Get Shitfaced With and for the first time on vinylSix! They are doing a couple of shows in Melbourne (with The Meatbeaters & The Sailors!) in a couple of weeks, unmissable if you’re in that part of the country.

We are also broadening our geographical horizons to release a 7″ from DAN MELCHIOR who dropped into Swashbuckling Hobo HQ during his recent tour of Australia! Keep all senses open for this which includes a great jam with OOGA BOOGAS rhythm section backing him up! Unreal.

Other releases to keep an eye on that aren’t far off at all, include the debut album It’s Psychological by HAPPY TIMES and the long awaited EXTRA FOXX 12″ Goodbye Insanity, Hello Humanity.

There are also a number of other releases currently in progress for the second half of the year, including, THE DANGERMEN’s 3rd album, which has been many years in the making, as well as a 12” album from psychedelic garage punks, STINK BUGS.

We are also branching out into a bit of country/alt with the debut 12” from SUICIDE COUNTRY HOUR, guaranteed to make you weep into your beer, and, just to keep things interesting, we are branching out into a bit of grind core with a release from local unit WALL COLLAPSE. We told you we were busy!

Sat 2nd Apr: Shrewms launching their 12” God Hates FAQ’s w/ label mates Happy Times and The Wrong Man as well as Some Jerks @ The Bearded Lady
Fri 22nd Apr: The Dangermen come out of semi-retirement to play w/ Screaming Stevie and the Delirium Seeds @ The Bearded Lady
Sat 23rd Apr: Happy Times are playing a Turbojugend party w/ Bad Mongo @ Red Star Studios
Sat 14th May: The Dangermen & Eyes Ninety are playing a Spencer P Jones benefit @ The Beetle Bar w/ Sixfthick, Vegas Kings, Per Purpose, HITS, Kellie Lloyd and others @ Beetle Bar
Sat 27th May: Eyes Ninety are playing with Ohms from Melbourne @ Bearded Lady

Fri 1st Apr: The Onyas 25th Birthday celebrations with The Meatbeaters, The Sailors, Cut Sick @ The Tote
Sat 2nd Apr: follow-up show in Geelong!