TICK TOCK garage-punk time with THE BUSYMEN !!


Brisbane’s crudest crew THE BUSYMEN are back with Tick Tock, a 12″ EP of six snarlin’ 60s punkers. Wreakin’ havoc on the harmonica the caped crusader Screamin’ Stevie (The Hekawis, Screamin Stevies Australia, et al.) pops his head up to give these tracks an extra blast. Busymen live fave & unhinged take on ‘In And Out’ also makes an appearance here! For fans of garage-punk done the right way ‘Tick Tock’ is a real good time and out now via Swashbuckling Hobo Records online shoppe.

1 – Tick Tock
2 – Dangerous
3 – In And Out
4 – Stop Starting Me Baby
5 – Look Out
6 – Don’t Need Your Lovin’ / Milk Cow Blues