Mid-Year Report


The DANGERMEN have a new 7″ out soon Fuck You, Fuck Everybody is the title track. Also coming out in the next half of 2013 you can bliss out to the who flung dung stomp of STINKBUGS, colour your mind!  ICH BIN EIN ESEL 7″ is now out, we’ve been a little lax in getting these (and pretty much everything else) into shops, go pick it up from the swashbucklinghobo.bigcartel.com right now.  Yeah. Fuck Newman ! In a couple of weeks unique swashbo electro partnership known as the BINARY DERIVATIVE  aka. KING DOM’s KINGDOM will be appearing on the LadyFest bill Sun Jul 28 at the R’n’R BBQ. get there early, get stung. Club Sandwich and the CHINESE BURNS 7″ launch went off, thanks to all punters and bands and those involved for making it a success, more sanga to come. In case you’re being a dick and it hasn’t registered yet, the COSMIC PSYCHOS are about to hit a national tour to coincide with the screening of their new documentary Blokes You Can Trust, go out and see it and see them at the Hi Fi in Brisbane, heck go see the support band HAPPY TIMES too while you’re at it!
signing off,
hobo internet whizzkid #3 X